Wild Ark Preserves Future Wildlife for Generations to Come

Wild Ark is an organization that was founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson who are both passionate about wildlife conservation. They created the organization after being deeply concerned about the peril facing wildlife and the threat to their habitats in the 21st century. They strive to protect the animal’s habitats so future generations can enjoy the beautiful wildlife we have on our planet today. Wild Ark’s mission is to secure parts of the currently identified green belts around the world to allow wildlife to continue to live there uninterrupted. These richly bio diverse areas are to be conserved while allowing research and experiences to be extended to sightseers and allowing people to reconnect with nature without disrupting the way the wildlife lives there. A large amount of the land that Wild Ark currently protects is in Africa and Alaska including areas of Botswana, Kenya, and South Africa to name a few countries that are being conserved for wildlife. Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/10/20/mick-fanning-the-conservationist-first-look-at-his-expedition-t/


Wild Ark also offers ideas for excellent trips that bring sightseeing to the masses of tourists and travelers throughout the world offering anything from week-long sightseeing expeditions to trips that last for months for those desiring a longer jaunt of adventure. These include trips to the wilderness, birding adventures, or whatever another type of experiences the tourists find interesting. These trips begin as reasonable as $1,000 for a 7-day adventure or $2,000 for a 14-day adventure and work on up based on the packages and pricings offered based on what the trip includes. All trips are proctored and followed to ensure that viewers are kept safe and that the animal’s habitats are protected and respected. The organization’s vision is that this wildlife and their habitats will be here for the next generations will enjoy the same beauty and wildlife that has been enjoyed throughout our generation to date. Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2017/03/25/the-last-21-km-of-fenceline-between-david-pocock-and-his-wildest_a_21884731/