Revolutionizing Media with the legendary Norman Pattiz

Advertising is one way of product promotion. In marketing, there should always be a channel to showcase your product. Podcasts have emerged as one of the best channels available for sellers to showcase their products. The recent study conducted by Edison Research in association with PodcastOne has shown exactly that. A series of studies were conducted on five major national brands. This was one of its kinds using podcasts. The results showed a meaningful impression of podcast advertising it had on brand recall, intent to purchase and to pass on specific message on the products. That is what the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne and the Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research announced. It is clear that podcast advertising increased awareness both for the new product and already existing famous brands. Surely, PodcastOne has done an amazing work when it comes to matters such as awareness and advertising. This is due to mastermind and experienced founder, Norman Pattiz.


Mr. Norman Pattiz, also known as Norm, is the founder of the amazing idea, PodcastOne. He is an experienced person when it comes to matters of management and radio. Before he was the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, he worked in several positions in different companies. He founded Westwood Inc. in 1974 and served as its CEO for about 20 years. Norm has also been the President of Broadcast Education Association. He served as the Chairman and Member of Board of Governor at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In the early 2000s, he was appointed by the presidents Bush and Clinton to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the USA. Mr. Pattiz has also been associated with the University of California in many ways such as the member of the governing body at the University, Director of the Regents of the University and many others. These are some of his professions just to mention a few.


It is indeed without a doubt that such a man is likely to have received several awards in the course of his long and successful career. He has been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009 and was honored by the Library of American Broadcasting with the Giants of Broadcasting Award. He also received the Distinguished Education Services Award, Freedom of Speech Award and several Broadcasts of the Year Awards.


While in Westwood Inc., Mr. Pattiz made it become one of the leading news providers in sports, entertainment, talk and others just to mention a few. With PodcastOne he has interacted with several celebrities personalities such as Larry King, Shaq O’Neal among others. He now resides in Beverly Hills with his beautiful wife and children.


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