Mike Baur’s Business Career

Swiss entrepreneur Mike Baur has been involved in three different careers in business over the last three decades. During this span, he has been able to establish himself as a very successful businessperson in a variety of ventures. When he first started his career, Baur worked in banking where he would provide assistance to a number of new companies. He would use this experience and knowledge to move on to his next venture of startup investing. With a successful ten years of startup investing, Mike would then move on to entrepreneurship where he co founded Swiss Startup Factory. This company would be organized to help a number of new businesses get the guidance they needed to achieve their desired goals.


Baur started up Swiss Startup Factory a few years ago with the intent on helping entrepreneurs get the most out of their businesses. With his company, Mike has been able to help a number of new companies become more profitable as well as better managed. He has used his expertise in business to find out what makes businesses successful and then passes on this knowledge to entrepreneurs who are looking for assistance. In its brief three year existence, Swiss Startup Factory has established itself as a leading consulting firm in Switzerland. Mike looks to continue providing entrepreneurs with the guidance they need in order to make their companies the best they can be.


Mike was working in the banking industry for over twenty years and had a very successful career in this field. However, he developed a passion for helping startup businesses and investing in them. With this experience working with many startup businesses, he decided to get more involved in startups by fist investing in them. Right after his career in banking, Mike would spend a decade investing in new businesses on a regular basis. He would invest his own money into a number of emerging companies and then get a portion of the profits they made. This proved to allow Mike to prosper as well as gain even more knowledge about how businesses become successful.


After ten years investing in startups, Mike started up his own company. He cofounded Swiss Startup Factory in an effort to provide businesses with not just capital but also mentorship and coaching. Since Mike had a passion for advising businesses, he wanted to develop a company that would specialize in assisting businesses in reaching various goals they set for themselves.