Brazilian entrepreneur Jorge Moll introduces state-of-art hospital model in Brazil

Ever been to a hospital and you were met with rushing nurses all dressed in blue stretchers everywhere? I know you have, and even if you haven’t, at least you’ve watched one of the movies. That aside, another question, have you ever imagined how the hospital would look like if it was designed and decorated like a restaurant?


Well, in Brazil, at least it is no longer something to be imagined. It is a reality as we speak ( Hospital das D’Or São Luiz has introduced a new concept regarding the design of the hospital and the overall delivery of services. Introducing the Star Cup.


It is one of the most luxurious hospitals in Brazil that has collections of over 231 pieces of art from Japan that has been displayed along the hospital corridors, eliminating the old idea of stretchers and traffic of nurses.


The Star Cup hospital is located near one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Copacabana, in Rio de Janeiro and stands on over 21 thousand meters piece of land. It has an elegant architectural design, with a separate area for the transit of employees as well as the patients.


Every room in Star Cup radiated high-class designs and likened to that of five-star hotels making it unique from the typical hospitals we are used to.


With that acrid smell that dominates almost all the hospitals, has been contained here at the Star Cup. In fact, you’ll be forced to double check if you are actually inside a hospital.


It would be an injustice not to mention their lighting. It has a unique mood that makes the patient relax and at home away from home (Scholar.Google). There is a restaurant managed a famous Swiss professional chef, Steve Moreillon so you won’t have to worry about the hospital diet for your patient.


You might be wondering the amount of money injected into such property, well here is the answer; over 400 million Reais. And the work began back in2013.


Hospital das D’Or São Luiz, owned by businessman Jorge Moll, intends to build more hospitals of such kind throughout the country. The hospital wills the center to handle highly complex surgeries of cardiology and neurology and other diseases.