Canadian Craft Beer and Eli Gershkovitch’s Contribution to it

Beer is a favorite go-to beverage for many people in the world. This is no exception for Canadians. It is Canadians’ most popular alcoholic drink. As such, a lot of work is done to ensure a great variety of people’s favorites are crafted to suit their preferences. Craft beers, also called microbreweries were created for this purpose. There is an excellent variety of craft beers to choose. They come in different types, flavors, and brewery companies.


Types of Craft Beers


The main is traditional and inventive beers.


Craft beers have different flavors that suit people’s different taste pallets. For example, there are fruit beers, herbs or spiced, vegetable, chocolate or cocoa flavored beers (Manta). There are also, different brewing companies to choose. People often go for the popular. However, there are much more arising that are proving to be very good.


Craft Beers in Canada


Canada was not well known for producing beer, but over the years, brewmasters have changed this face of Canada. Now people can appreciate their work. One of these pioneers in the craft beers industry is Eli Gershkovitch.


Eli Gershkovitch is a renowned Canadian in the craft beer industry. He has a law degree, and instead of just focusing on the law career, he opted for something else. Something that he thinks adds more value. He took a keen interest in craft beers. Well, like any other businessperson, he did a lot of research in this field before venturing into it. Eli Gershkovitch’s legal background helped him solve the liquor licensing problem. It took a long time for it to be accepted but together with other people rallying with him; he got approval.


Eli Gershkovitch started his brewpub and used steam as his source of energy for brewing ( This was an unusual case. He has received several awards for his efforts and uniqueness. Over the years, he increased his pub size and produced more numbers of craft beers to meet the growing demand.


Entrepreneur Gershkovitch then opened up more pubs in Vancouver that serve Steamworks craft beers. Apart from the locals, tourists come to visit the original bar in Gastown. Apart from being a pioneer, Eli Gershkovitch has changed the face of Canada in the brewing industry.