Stream Energy is Providing Solutions to Reduce Global Warming

Recently Stream Energy expanded to Illinois. They launched their services which include Protective, Wireless, Home and Energy services. This is the seventh state that they were adding their footprint to. Stream Energy provides direct life services that are connected and is a leader in its line of work. Before expanding into Illinois, they were already serving New Jersey, Maryland New York City, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania and Texas.



The Chief Executive Officer President of Stream Energy, Larry Mondry, was very excited about this new development as it was something the company had been working on for quite some time. The expansion would give the locals of Illinois a chance to access electricity plans at a fixed rate.



Stream Energy began in 2004 in Dallas. Its main focus is working towards providing its clients with energy solutions that are developed and modern to suit their needs. Since it began, Stream has been able to give a turnaround revenue of over eight billion dollars. Through this growth, it has risen ranks and become among the leaders in the energy industry when it comes to the direct selling of a product. They focus on making sure that their products are innovative and their clients can stay connected with ease wherever they are since they understand that lifestyles have now changed and people move around a lot.



Stream Energy has managed to grow its sales significantly through its primary marketing strategy, multi-level marketing ( Its associates can either earn commissions through selling their products or recruiting other associates under them to sell the product. Furthermore, apart from the energy facility that is limited to particular locations, all other services that they offer can be accessed throughout the United States of America. Stream Energy first began as a licensed provider of electrical power for retail use before it expanded into the energy industry.


Stream Energy is focused on assisting the whole country in the mitigation of global warming (Twitter). It understands the need of embracing green energy in order to curb the long-term effects of the global warming. Stream Energy, therefore, provides energy that is renewable and does not produce carbon emissions to help in reducing global warming and its effects.